Society for accelerating Management of Resource and Integrated development of Humanity
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About Us

Samridhy Overview

Samridhy, an official organ of the Catholic Diocese of Muvattupuzha, is a registered secular voluntary organisation established in the year of 2003. The organisation intervenes in more than 200 villages in Kerala state and Tamilnadu for the uplift of small and marginal farmers, village artisans, women, children and other socially and economically weaker sections of the society. The activities begun by the organization have been putting into practice with the active participation of the benefiting people.

As part of the community development interventions, Samridhy has promoted 200Self Help Groups (SHGs) covering approximately 1650 poor and marginalized families to bring about the remarkable social change with the vibrant and result-oriented participation of the people. Accordingly thousands of poor and marginalized families could be helped and enabled to improve their socio-economic and health status and become self-reliant.

Our Vision and Mission

Our Vision: Creation of just society based on human values, dignity, equity and sustainability.

Our Mission: Building up of self-reliant communities through grass route level people’s structure, participatory process and sustainable interventions in the operational areas


  • To facilitate formation and vitalization of local institutions at the grass root level
  • To enable women and other weaker sections to participate in the development process
  • To promote sustainable and harmonious co-existence of mankind and nature through promotion and restoration of natural resources
  • To facilitate basic infrastructure development of the deprived
  • To facilitate rehabilitation of persons with Disabilities and victims of natural calamities
  • To catalyze collaboration and linkages with local self government and other sectors in development
  • To accelerate socio-economic development of the poor through sustainable livelihood development
  • To facilitate vocational skills training of the poor and weaker sections

Samridhy has formulated its objectives in tune with the said focus areas. It is the director of Samridhy and its highly professional and committed team of 13 members has been endeavoring to realize its vision and mission. The head quarter and the training centre of the organization are located in Keezhillam, near to Muvattupuzha, in Ernakulum district in the state of Kerala. It has also 4 full-fledged regional offices and 4 zonal offices with ample infrastructural facilities

Major focus Areas

  • Tribal development Programmes
  • Women empowerment for gender equality
  • Housing Programmes
  • Watershed Programmes (WGDP
  • Health &Education Support programmes
  • Grass route level institution building
  • Capacity building
  • Natural resource management
  • Counseling Programmes
  • Integrated family development
  • Sustainable livelihood promotion
  • Rural technology promotion
  • Rehabilitation programme for Differently abled persons
  • HIV/AIDS Interventions
  • Sanitation Programmes
  • Solar Programmes
  • Rainwater Harvesting Programmes
  • Biogas &vermin compost programmes
  • Medicinal plants cultivation
  • IGP & MEDP Programmes
  • Linkage with Govt& Non Govt. Institutions
  • CSR Programmes
  • Promotion of Handicrafts
  • Cultural Forum promotion