Society for accelerating Management of Resource and Integrated development of Humanity
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Operational Team (Staff)

Fr.Jose Kuttikeril
Executive Director
Amal lal P V
Project Coordinator
Subhash P.x
Zonal coordinator
Kunjumon Chandrazhathu
FDP Animator
Jainy Jojy
Project Coordinator
Bincy Saju
Smitha .N
Documentation in charge
Bindhu Shaji
Regional Coordinator
Josmitha Joji
Regional Coordinator
Sudha Joy
Regional Coordiantor
Jisha Jose
Regional Coordinator
Manju George
Zonal Coordinator
Mary Babu
Zonal Coordinator

The operational area of Samridhy has been divided into four regions and nine zones with officers and staff. The zones are further sub divided into different Units/Grama Vikasana Samithi (GVS). Units are the local branch and the GVS functions as the local level federation as well as the apex body of all community organizations functioning in the operational tertiary of respective units. The Regions, Zones, Units and Grama Vikasana Samithy (GVS) are the nervous system that supports the unique work of Samridhy at grass roots. The various local SHGs, Mahila Samajam, Farm clubs etc are operating under the auspicious of respective GVS at community level

Samridhy has a network of physical and social infrastructures spread in the target location from five districts of Kerala and Tamil Nadu. Thy include physical facilities like Church structures, community halls, training centers, resource persons, schools, Self-help groups and its federation bodies, Local religious leaders like Priests and religious nuns, elected representatives of PRIs, community volunteers etc.

Decentralized functional structure of Samridhy