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Social Infrastructures

Social infrastructures

Samridhy successfully mobilized the marginalized sections of people at grassroots and facilitated the formation of their community based organizations to build long terms perspectives in their empowerment process. These socially viable groups commonly known as SHGs have their own vision, mission and activities to achieve the socio-economic security. They have their own linkages and collaborations at grassroots especially with Banks, Micro-finance Institutions (MFIs), Panchayathi Raj Institutions (PRIs) and other local or regional or state level membership associations. They are also net worked with in local and regional levels. The role of Samridhy is to facilitate and provide capacity building opportunities. The groups promoted by Samridhy include Women SHGs, Men SHGs, Farm club, Mahila Samajam, BalaSamridhy (Children’s club), YuvaSamridhy (Youth club-) and SHGs of people living with disability etc